Buying a Modern Rimless Toilet Are They Worth It?

Buying a Modern Rimless Toilet Are They Worth It?

Rimless toilets are all the rage these days with more and more hotels and institutions opting to install them. Are they really all they’re cracked up to be or we’re being taken for a ride?

Whether you’ve opted for a back to the wall, wall hung, or wall-mounted rimless toilet, there seems to be a general consensus regarding rimless toilets – they are more streamlined and ergonomic.
Before we plunge in, let’s take a look at what is a rimless toilet.

The lowdown on rimless toilets

For many, the first time they see a rimless toilet they might struggle to see anything different between a rimless toilet versus the normal one. It’s understandable because the major difference is interior rather than the exterior. If you peer inside the toilet bowl, you’ll remark that there is no rim on the inside. And that is really the major difference.

The case for rimless toilets: advantages and disadvantages

Are rimless toilets better? Are they really all that people tout them to be? Here is the case for rimless toilets, the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage #1 Easier to clean

No one likes cleaning the toilet. It’s one of those chores we have to do but would rather not. So anything that makes the job easier is a welcome innovation. Rimless toilets are considerably far easier to clean than their traditional counterparts. Say goodbye to having to clean beneath the rim!

Advantage #2 More hygienic

Did you know? The average toilet bowl harbours at least 235,143 colony-forming units of bacteria! That’s a lot of bacteria. The removal of the rim means that there is less space for bacteria to congregate and breed. This, therefore, makes rimless toilets a more hygienic option. In addition, limescale build-up is also significantly reduced.

Advantage #3 Saves water

With the world pushing for greener measures and water-saving solutions, toilet designs have received considerable upgrading. With toilet flushing constituting 31% of household water consumption, it’s imperative to find toilets that help minimise water usage. Most rimless toilets are ultra-low flush (ULF), or high efficiency (HET). Choose a rimless toilet that bears the WaterSense label.

Disadvantage #1 Potential to leak

Where rimless toilet problems are concerned, there is only one major flaw. Rimless toilets boast a streamlined design that’s meant to simplify life for everyone. However, it has been remarked that these toilets have the potential to leak – if you purchase a poor quality model. For this reason, we always recommend that you purchase your rimless toilets from trusted suppliers like Christopher Alexander.

Rimless toilets tick all the right boxes

So, are rimless toilets worth it? There is no doubting the fact that rimless toilets tick all the right boxes. They help you save water – promoting sustainable living. They foster a healthy home environment for you and your family. They make bathroom cleaning chores easier. It’s worth mentioning that they also come in a range of styles and finishes to complement any bathroom theme. They really are a win-win solution if you’re looking for a new toilet.

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