Wall Hung Basins

A wall hung basin can be the perfect choice to achieve that sleek and modern minimalist look when it comes to creating a bathroom. If you're thinking of a new bathroom      basin, Christopher Alexander offers a wide variety of wall basins designed intently for such purposes.

Wall hung basins can match a wide range of bathroom designs, but thanks to our space efficient designs, they are especially well suited to suites. This provides a lighter, less cluttered                 atmospere to keep the floor space underneath open. It also makes cleaning and maintenance faster. At Christopher Alexander we offer a variety of wall hung basins for a streamlined and practical look, with larger sizes to match a larger bathroom. We supply modern, elegant styled basins which create a minimalist look. Our wall basins feature an area perfect for high-quality bathroom applications with its classic elliptical style, rectangular style, and such sophisticated styles. Fuss free lines and smooth rounded contours make it easy to clean and always look good. For concealing plumbing fittings, most of the wall basins have an optional pedestal or shroud available for a subtle sleek look. Contact us via telephone, email or online chat for any further inquiries or orders.

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