Semi Recessed Basins

If your bathroom has limited space, but you still want to place some vanity cabinets below your basin, the answer you want is definitely a semi-recessed basin. Our semi-recessed basins appear to provide more room for vanities because they slightly exceed the margin of the benchtop. They also allow ease of access.

Our semi-recessed basin sits boldly on the front of the vanity on which it lies, allowing you to have much shallower cabinets –even as low as 360mm, depending on the shape of the basin you choose. This will free up valuable space on the floor and increase the available space of the room. You will love the transformational effect it does to your bathroom as a whole. There is no hustle to maintain clean surfaces of the basin. The gloss finish makes it most attractive in appropriate lighting and you're spoiled with the choice of basin designs. It also holds more a lot more. In terms of cosmetics and products, it keeps a lot of bench space free. These basins are a good option for people and children with limited mobility, as you could get close to access the tap without a bench top or cabinet being an obstruction.

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