Semi-Inset Basins

Christopher Alexander offers a number of semi inset basins that are a beautiful blend of stunning design and features. These masterpieces are available in a soft finish, making a sophisticated addition to your bathroom.

Bathroom trends are constantly evolving and some of today’s more popular ones include creating spaces of relaxation, pampering and serenity. Christopher Alexander provides a variety of beautiful bathroom displays including a wide range of extremely affordable semi-inset basins and a multitude of different sizes and colours for a more modern look, touch and feel. On offer at Christopher Alexander are simple but elegant elliptical and rectangular shaped semi inset basins that a sure to transform your bathroom into a subtly classy area. Beautiful and bold is our fresh rectangular semi inset basins. The contemporary linear design, smooth profile with straight, clean lines is sure to swiftly become your bathroom's main point of focus. Such styles look beautiful and have a calm impact. You don't have to think about the right product because we stock and offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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