Things to Consider When Selecting a Toilet For Your Home

Things to Consider When Selecting a Toilet For Your Home

What are the things you should consider when buying a toilet for your home?

The toilet is one of those restroom features that most of us hardly give a second thought to unless nature calls. In your home, the right commode can make all the difference in a shared bathroom or private toilet. With different kinds of toilets now available on the market, it’s important to know how to buy the correct toilet for your home. This is why we’ve put together this buying a new toilet guide.

Here’s our handy toilet buying guide to help you get started.

1. Determine the ‘rough-in’

The distance left by the plumber from the wall space behind your currently installed toilet and its bolt cap is what is referred to as the ‘rough-in’. You need to measure this distance as this will help you in establishing the right toilet to buy. These rough-ins are generally 10 inches, 12 inches or 14 inches.

2. Select the type of toilet style

One of the best ways to get an idea of the toilet style you want when you decide to buy toilet seat is to go on picture-based sites like Pinterest or browse interior design magazines to get an idea of the different toilet styles available. Choose a style and use these styles to select the type of toilet that accommodates you best. Now, toilet types are available in one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted and tankless options.

3. Select a toilet type

One-piece toilets: are a single unit and look great in modern bathrooms. They are typically easier to clean as well as install compared to two-piece models.

Two-piece toilets: as the name suggests, come in two parts – a tank bolted on top and a bowl. These toilets are great for eclectic bathrooms.

Tankless toilets: are streamlined because they have no tank and are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. They are among the easiest to install, are connected directly to the waterline and so flush quicker.

Wall-mounted toilets: save floor space because they are fixed to the wall. These are perfect for installing in houses where people with limited mobility live.

4. Choose a bowl shape

Today, you can opt for either a round bowl or an elongated toilet bowl option. Take a look around your bathroom and see the room’s layout for it is this layout that will help you settle on the right bowl shape to choose. Bigger bathrooms can accommodate elongated shapes, while small-to-medium bathrooms would do well to stick to round bowls

5. Think about water efficiency

When you go to buy your toilet, do your best to choose water-efficient toilet utilities. Traditional toilets consume enormous amounts of water compared to today’s more efficient options. The best way to determine if a toilet is a sustainable option is to look for the WaterSense label. Toilets that have this mark of approval use 20% less water than their counterparts.

Find your ideal toilet from our extensive range. Shop toilets for your home. Contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding what’s in store.


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