Rimless toilets

Christopher Alexander gives you a way to keep your family healthy with our range of rimless toilets. Our units are hygienic and reduce development of pathogens. Rimless toilets look stunning and reduce the amount of cleaning tools that you may require with rimmed toilets.

Most germs are found in the rim of a toilet. Research has found great amounts of disease-causing bacteria there. Unwanted bacteria and pathogens are found on top of a toilet surface. It's often difficult to get utensils that can get to these spots and clean properly. Rimless toilets do not have this inside rim. The rimless units provide a great benefit for your bathroom. This provides hygienic benefits. Disease causing bacteria is easier to identify and target. You may be concerned about splashing during flushing and this concern is shared amongst many of our clients. Fortunately, our units do not splash when they flash because of the way our model is built. The units swirl the water round the perimeter. These toilet units provide good sanitation. Less cleaning is required and this reduces the amount you need to spend on detergents

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