Must Have Products of Modern Laundry Room

Must Have Products of Modern Laundry Room

Do you need some modern laundry ideas inspiration? You’re in the right place.

Today’s contemporary homes often feature a separate laundry room that’s fully equipped to handle the day-to-day washing of clothes and other articles. It’s not uncommon to find automatic washing machines, clothes dryers and laundry basins in these rooms. An ironing board and storage shelves are also features of this special room.

What are some of those must-have products in your laundry room? Here are some laundry ideas.

1 Laundry tub

No laundry room is complete without its own laundry tub. No one likes the idea of constantly having to go back and forth between the bathroom and the laundry room when they need to wash something. Having a laundry tub in the laundry room is not only convenient but quite practical too.

2 Flexible tapware

The right tapware in your laundry room can make all the difference between a hassle-free wash-day and a frustrating one. When choosing the tapware for your laundry room ensure that you look for taps that give you flexibility and freedom. Consider freestanding mixers. You want taps that are mounted high as they’ll not get in the way of washing in the laundry tub.

3 Hooks and rails

One can never have too many hooks in the laundry room. There’s always something that needs to be hung to dry – particularly delicate articles of clothing you’d rather not put in the dryer. Additionally, having a series of towel rails installed is also a good idea. If you don’t like the idea of folding towels or storage space in your laundry room is limited, you might also like to consider getting multiple towel rings to keep towels stored away neatly and within easy reach.

4 Tallboy vanities

Laundry rooms need some form of storage space to put all the freshly laundered clothes, towels, and household articles. This is where tallboy vanities come in. Available in a range of sizes, colours, as well as styles, modify and arrange your laundry as you like. Don’t forget to check out picture-based sites such as Pinterest to see practical European style laundry design ideas.

5 Washing machine and dryer

To make life easier, don’t forget to invest in a good quality washing machine and dryer. This efficient duo will go a long way in making sure that you get the laundry done in a timely and stress-free manner. If you’re keen to see bathroom laundry ideas room layouts and plans, particularly European laundry ideas, check out sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Get a laundry room you’ll love being in

While we must all do laundry, it doesn’t mean you have to do it in a space you hate. Take your cues from the products we’ve highlighted to create a modern laundry you’ll delight to work from. Your laundry room doesn’t have to be boring. Make it as chic and sophisticated as you want.

Renovating your laundry room? Check out our extensive collection to see what’s on offer.

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