Toilet Suites Connector

Connector toilet suites are our toilet models that best maintain the traditional look of things because of their common toilet design. The Connector toilet suite built by Christopher Alexander consists of a cistern and pan linked by a flush pipe.

The two-piece nature of our models provides convenience in terms of maintenance of the toilet. It is also easy-to-install the toilet without having to make major changes. The efficiency of the flush allows for the elimination of heavy waste thus reducing chances of blockage. These models have proven to be very reliable providing you a perfect flush every time and reducing the need for a courtesy flush. The connector toilet's flexibility means it is perfect for your bathroom remodelling or when you require a longer set pan. At Christopher Alexander we pass our toilets through a rather vigorous test to ensure that they operate as rated. The maintenance of the units is straight forward. We assist you to sort out any issues that may arise during use of our products.

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