Inset Basin

Sometimes you may find yourself requiring a full-size basin yet also wanting the look provided by more shallow basins. Our inset basins give you unrivalled beauty and charm. The inset basins are your typical full size yet only part of it is visible from the bench top. This makes the basin look stunning.

Inset basins are placed with one half of the basin under the benchtop and the other half above in the vanity. The benefit of these basins is that they still have a traditional basin depth, but they aren't as visible on top as Above Counter basins. Also, this is a good option for your children as they don't have to reach as high when washing hands. These basins are hygienic as well. The development of scale and bacteria is easily combated. The design and usability of our Inset basins is perfectly balanced. The collection offers a sleek, stylish look providing the perfect platform for any theme or fashion in the bathroom. Many versions have a tap hole, suitable for a basin mixer. We also have models without a tap hole. You would want this model if your bathroom tap is on the wall.

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