How to Select the Right Shower Head

How to Select the Right Shower Head

Are you wondering how to choose a shower head?

There is nothing like taking a quick or long and relaxing shower in your own bathroom. One element of this entire setting that we often don’t think much about is the actual shower head. Whether you’re renovating your current bathroom or are in the process of new home building, selecting the right features for your bathroom(s) is important.

Use our trusted shower head buying guide to make the right decisions.

1. Consider your bathroom shower dynamics

Do you have a small, medium or large bathroom shower? Is your shower combined with your bathtub or it is a standalone shower? How long do you spend in the shower? All these questions are important so you can know whether to opt for the simple functional shower heads or to choose ones that offer hydrotherapy features that might interest you.

2. Determine your budget and how much you can afford

Shower heads aren’t created equal and as a result, are priced differently. The least expensive options are the traditional single-spray shower heads. The more elaborate the shower head and the more functions it has to offer, the pricier the model will be. If you’re engaged in a remodeling project or this is a new build, you may want to remember that the shower head should complement the rest of the bathroom. So if your bathtub is high-end you cannot opt for a cheap-looking shower head.

3. Browse shower head options to see what’s available

Once you’ve got an idea of how much you can afford for your shower head it’s time to take a look at several options. Before heading off to your local hardware store, check out online stores like Christopher Alexander to see what’s in store. You’ll find everything from wall-mounted shower heads, hand-held options, top-mount and even spa versions like body sprays.

4. Select the type of shower you want

Standard wall-mount shower heads: are great if you’re looking for budget-friendly options. These shower heads screw and unscrew easily. To avoid potential leaks you might want to get a pro to do the installation to ensure you don’t break the shower arm.

Hand-held shower heads: these shower heads are flexible thanks to their 3-to-6 foot hose which makes washing a stress-free affair.

Top-mounted shower heads: colloquially known as rain showers are a perfect solution if your shower space is limited. Installation of these types of shower heads requires extensive plumbing and the job is best left to qualified plumbers.

Body sprays: for the ultimate in shower experience you can never go wrong with a body sprays. Enjoy hydrotherapy spa-style treatment when you have this crisscrossing water feature installed.

Where to buy shower heads

Christopher Alexander is a leading online retailer of classic and contemporary bathroom fixtures and features. Our extensive product range provides you options for which shower to buy in addition to helping you find other bathroom-related products you might be searching for.

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